Collection of photos of children who are living in so poor conditions or /and  in the streets. The photos were taken during solidarity works that I managed and coordinated, in Buenos Aires Argentina, for the children from the NGO, Foundation “From the Street to Life”. The childs were around the years 6 to 11 years old.  The solidarity works were: “Recreational/artistic activities”, with games, art, dances, theatre, cooking, drawings, artistic drafts, etc. And “Cultural Trips”, A travel , for first time, to different cultural and touristic places from Buenos Aires, that are unknown to them. During the years 2013-2014.


This photos are from a solidarity work  experience around children in poor conditions or living in the street. Their expressions and style of living show their entire world, which is also full of violence. Around them I learned natural ways of life, their impulses, and their necessity of love all the time. As well as their rude way for moments for communicate their feelings. Those child showed me a world, that we prefer to hide, when they are living in poor conditions, but also, with families, where the father is in prison, the mother works as a prostitute, or asking for money in the streets.  

I managed this solidarity work,  from 2012 to the end of 2014 for the Foundation “From Street To Life”. Some of the solidarity and voluntary works were: Play in the park with picnics, do some artistic crafts, masks, dances and theatre performance. Also, the cultural trips, like going to the Planetarium, The Forests of Palermo, The Zoo, The children book fair, circus and theater for children.  In all those trips, they showed some beautiful expressions, of gratitude, of happiness and love. As well as their natural expressions, enjoying life and friendship.

While doing the solidarity work I took lots of photos of those unforgettable moments, where they felt so free, and with lots of fun around their friends and enjoying places where, they have never been there before.

In this collection, I show some of those precious moments of life, their beautiful faces and natural expressions of street children, with moments of happiness, love, friendship,  moments of surprise, admiration, spontaneous, indifference, etc. In addition, their experiences in front of the camera, since it stimulated them a lot.    

I tried to give them this gift of peace and fun, traveling around Buenos Aires, to peaceful and funny areas, where they can feel the freedom of infancy, and enjoy those moments around nature, playing and having fun moments of life.

Those children are very difficult to treat, so it was a great challenge, and also for moments painful, and sad. However all the time I was strong with my open arms for give them lots of smiles, hugs, and have fun. And, of course, taking lots of unforgettable photos.


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