• Yanin Lorey

This system is out of our control

Currently, this system, which we have created for our life and our world, seems to be beyond our control. Of course, this whole system began in the XIII century, with some revolutions and industrial advances, but still we could manage and control all that. However, what is currently happening with our system? Is it out of our control?

Do we feel able to create another system? Or are we limited to seeing everything in one way and another type of system is a utopian idea?

Well, that means that this system is beyond our control, our capacity for creation has reached a limit, and that can also mean that what is beyond our control will destroy us.

Materialistic thoughts and dehumanization seems a destruction of human being.

Let's study a bit more about it:

The principal foundation of this system is: Money and everything that denotes and comes with the idea of ​​money: Possession, domination, power, materialistic, etc...

The human being spends 50% or more each day thinking about money, directly or in a subliminal way : That is the beginning of the materialistic thoughts and dehumanization.

“The quality of our life is directly proportional to the quality of our thoughts.” ― Avijeet Das

Things around us that have the subliminal idea of money

Live means money,

Work means money,

Power means money

Politics also means economic situation

Food means money

Traveling needs money

Success means money

Competition means money with interest.

Interest is also like the perception of money.

Everything around us equals money. A house, clothes, knowledge, university, etc.

These means that our mind thinks about money every day, without adding that everything around us is a subliminal synonym for money that is perceived directly in our subconscious every day: Bars, advertising, cars, clothes, every object... This chair is equal to ... $$

Beauty and love become a possession only for a business society but, this is nothing compared to how our mind processes everything.

I am surprised how this new century is full of self-help books, how the Yoga and religion business has grown quite a lot. People need reiki, energy balance, and we begin to talk about energy as something spiritual, and love as the supreme and distant god. To add, that today, our meaning of love is equal to want and desires... We grow up thinking about what we need to live is money and therefore, what we want is money.

Then we want...

We want what this system sells to us, what this system was born in us. The desire for happiness after long hours of work and then the realistic side that your mind is only thinking about money. Our mental world begins to be minimized only in one paper, a dollar. This insignificant paper, is the meaning of our life every day, and our mind ... only a green paper.

Then what happens with the human being?. What’s the meaning, of all this around, for the mind? How affect to us psychologically? How some inferior ideas that surround us begin to possess us subliminally, since we are born?. They join our subconscious and create these qualities of life, where consciousness, life and love are not the main thing, so they begin to disappear. And then, we are like puppets, our mind belongs to the thoughts of this system, of what this system creates in all of us.

We believe that we are so intelligent and forget that a mind that thinks about money every day is not healthy, is becoming materialistic and that does not create a quality of life. If the mind is invaded all the time, with those subliminal thoughts, in all its different ways, that awakens in us stress, anxiety, the feeling of desires, possessions and dominations, those are not the thoughts that bring a healthy mind, which it is necessary for a quality of life.

We believe that we can deal with this huge capitalist subliminal system around us, but we are like ants in this huge giant, which gradually begins to possess our mind, and we, who were so intelligent, strong and young, now, we are minimized, our thoughts that were higher before are now inferior, we are only observing and thinking about this system that closes our thoughts to a green paper: the dollar. Then we are criticized for what is stronger than us, but we do not criticize the giant, who weakens us and then we are afraid, we just want that promised paradise, that working and with money we will have a quality of life, but, of course, that is a Lie, an innocent thought.

So, we work long hours, long years, and forget about life and living, until we don't realize what is happening with this world, and when we realize, we can do nothing. This system, that we created is beyond our control. It is creating cold and superficial people, the dehumanization, who only think about money. People who forgot the qualities of life, people who are so immersed in this capitalism system that they cannot realize the situation of the human being, because their mind and heart only focus on business, jobs, success, in definitive, money. In the rules and thoughts of this capitalism to succeed.

"Be competitive if not. You are not competent." That is the publicity of capitalism, an old publicity of manipulation and influence of the ideas and thoughts that inspire this system. Of course, if you are not competitive that doesn't mean that you are not competent. To begin to discern what capitalist advertising is and what a human condition is, it's the great challenge, it is what we should focus on instead of constantly complaining about our current reality.

"Can we be surprised that so many people are unable to imagine any alternative to a consumer capitalist future when their minds have been so totally monopolized by the system?" - Paul Cudenec.

Well, this is how this capitalism makes us forget, when our mind only focuses on the foundations of this system that is everywhere, in our world, in our society and, of course, if it is all around us, in what else could we focus on? We are all in this same systematic situation in all the different forms of influences and manipulation that could exist and that affect psychologically. It is as if there were no options, there are no other visions. It's like being closed inside this system since we were born, like a prison.

Capitalist system

"Even their individual personal identity, as the book points out, is defined by the products they buy – both to make them feel the same as other people and to make them feel just a little bit different.", (That is how Paul Cudenec, wrote about the book " Contre les Publicités Sexistes")

Is this phrase familiar to you? Well, because this was what many philosophers began to point out about capitalism years ago, in fact, this is old, but it is currently forgotten. The Age of Consumers, of the clothing brand that identifies me. The influence of the media, advertising, television, internet, all are parts of this same system, this capitalism that changes the mentality and affects the psychology of man. That if I don't have pants of a certain brand, it means I'm an idiot. But, nobody is to blame for this, the existence of this great and giant monster that we created for this world, that devours our intelligence, and psychologically makes us believe that we are more person and that we are worth more for a clothing brand. (And this is just an example, worth the redundancy today)

Barbara Kruger said in her conceptual art "Buy me, I will change your life" or "I buy, then I am" There she gave intensity by explaining that cruel reality of our living conditions in today's capitalism, which classifies and add identity and qualities to people through of their purchases, their possessions, the clothing brand and / or the style of the clothing.

The idea of ​​world domination appears with the capitalist system, creating the Globalization or Global Capitalism and hundreds of multinational companies began to monopolize the world: Mc Donald, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Apple Mac, etc. Those thoughts of domination are one of the foundations of this system. . . The man who wants the power of everything, the super powerful being through his possessions and dominions of what he possesses and who psychologically creates traumas in the human being, to the point of reaching sick obsessions. Confusing, possessing objects with sickly desire of owning people.

Erich Fromm said many years ago "To have or to be", classifying, defining and differentiating these two types of people, those who identify by what they have and possess and those who have identity and qualities, being. And, again, those ideas of possession and dominions that awaken the power of money, the exploitation of human beings and slavery towards the rules that govern this system, and that affect human psychology, are distributed everywhere subliminally to people, in advertising, in the workplace, in societies, in business, etc.

Another of the foundation and rules of this system, it is the work that equals money: The full time job. However, in Sweden, they are regulating working hours to a maximum of 6 hours per day, which could be a better life condition for the human being, since we are not slaves of work, and our life does not mean living in the job. We have family with whom to share our life, friends, etc. What about the right living conditions for a human being? Do we live more hours in an office than with family and friends?

"Once we pass a certain threshold of hours of work, our dream begins to deteriorate; we are more likely to feel depressed and stressed; and we may even have more difficulty communicating, collaborating and doing things", (article by Jory Mackay for "Rescue Time"). This is how this capitalist system affects us all, one of the foundations promoted by this capitalism is full-time work, to produce and earn more money. Those ideas like the foundations of a factory, like a prison of the human being, are encouraged by this system since we were children through manipulations and brainwashing.

Seneca said : “The part of life we really live is small.' For all the rest of existence is not life, but merely time.” If we think about it better, we spend more time inside our workplace than with our family. More or less, 8 hours, or 9 in some areas of the workplace, and 5 or 4 hours with the family every day, subtracting the hours we spend doing other things, such as hobbies, activities, entertainment, etc. In short, we spend more of ourselves in the workplace than in our home, with the people we love. Is that worth enough for our life? Should we protest for better living conditions? Probably yes, we deserve to create a better system, where to live in, where we are not treated as slaves, where we can enjoy more time in our lives with the beings we love, with family and friends, our life does not only mean living for commercial work. Work should be only a small part of our life, not all life, not the absorption of life with work. We are not slaves of this system. We deserve the right to a decent life.

“What we are seeing everywhere in France at the moment is a rejection of the unhealthy direction in which society as a whole is moving.” ( Paul Cudenec, in his article “Life is not for sale”)

This is our crude and cruel reality, but if we try to see and think with optimism, there will be always the possibility of creating a new system, not the old ones that we know historically, a new one adapted to our modern society, to the advancement of technology and to our environmental situation

What happens with the human mind?

We forget the mind, and a mind that has subliminal things around it all the time, and all those things speak of money, it is only creating more and more superficial desires for which we fight, and a poor quality of heart and mind; in short, a poor quality of life.

“The quality of our life is directly proportional to the quality of our thoughts.” ― Avijeet Das

Everyone in this world spends more time thinking about money than in life, than in love, because everything talks about money, directly or subliminally, and because we were born in this system, and our mind is molded to the interests of this system, and interest sounds a synonym of money. That is why it is always the same chain in the same circle: Capitalist system creates money, money creates interests, interests create the struggle, the struggle creates the thoughts of money, etc , etc ... This is how everything around us creates these poor qualities of life and, worst of all, creates the poor quality of the mind.

Herman Hesse said "The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world", with this phrase, I'm totally sure that he was referring to destroy this system, when he said "destroy a world" he is not saying "the world", which in that case would be referring to our planet, he is referring, specifically, to "a world" with the connotation of what is around us, and everywhere, that shapes us and structure in every way.

We cannot know something different from this structure that weaves us since we were kids and condemns us to focus on an insignificant green paper that offers us the illusion of a full and happy life. Therefore, can we go out of this system? Do we have that choice? No, we can't choose . Someone might think, well, I walk away and create my own community and system, but out there and in front of you there is a giant dominating, and that means whether you want it or not, all exterior codes are synonymous with what this system generates and sells, since we born, and that means everyday, each hour, minutes, seconds of our life, we are invaded by the ideas of this system, directly or subliminally. Therefore, we will always have some parameters of this system, from language, from ideas of money, etc.

The reality, is that over time this system has taken hold of us, has accustomed us so much to these lives that we could never imagine another kind of life so different. Our mind is limited and controlled in this capitalism. The only optimistic thought that makes me believe in something better, in a future, would be that "we create this system and therefore we can create a different one"

Poor quality of life: It's increasing in this kind of system

“If you want to increase the quality of your life, start by increasing the quality of your thoughts.” ― Akiroq Brost

Nowadays, there are people who would kill for money ... and others prefer to do it silently through the mind, psychotic, but also murderers. Then they believe they have a good quality of life, but they are always looking for that quality ...

People killing for a paper, that is the poorer and inferior quality of life, and the quality of the mind, too, but it's also what this system generates. They have no ideas of conscience, union, love, etc. They do not know where the quality of life comes from, which is only with a healthy thoughts and healthy mind, and they do not know that those healthy qualities and minds are not built thinking about money every day, which is stressful and depressing for life and mind.

Confucius said "The superior man understands what is right, the inferior man understands what will sell"

Nevertheless, we cannot blame anyone, we are all part of this structure and system. We create this capitalist system, and perhaps we are the only ones to blame. We create our hell with this system, but there are still people who deny it, who think that these types of life are the beautiful conditions we receive for our creations. I do not see awareness in that way of thinking, I think there are people who prefers to remain blind. Then there are people who do not understand why this happens in their lives.

We arrived home after a long job, tired and sometimes stressed, because, actually, most of the workplaces are toxic areas.The office environment is a kind of hell.

"Emotions tend to be contagious. Toxic ones leak out into the workplace affecting more than just the person afflicted. It can poison a team, a workplace, an organization", Peter Frost.

All colleagues are enemies, they are competing, they will take advantage of the first moment you fell asleep and they will say the worst of you, without you ever knowing that the traitor was your best co-worker.

"Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim". Bertrand Russell

The workplace, always, becomes a cold and dark room, there only inhabits the desire for success to obtain more financial gains. There is no love in business, and a job is a business too. There is no awareness in business, and the life of the human being are not as important as a dollar, or the pocket of a company. The pocket of a company is more important than the life of the human being. And almost no one, would be able to lose their job because of the rights and values ​​of the human being.

However, after being long hours within the company and surrounded by the cold feelings generated by any competitive system, where the value of human life is not greater than the value given to a dollar. But, after all those hours, we hope to return home and find a warm atmosphere. However, we are all in the same situation every day. We return to our home and everyone is not feeling good in some way, and we learn to be superficial among ourselves, we learn to hide. We learn the philosophy of fight, that Life is a war, etc., but, we don't fight because of values and human conditions, we fight for money.

Then, we need self-help books, yoga, reiki, all the self-help boom that appears in this century. Everything that can help for a moment to relieve these pains that are generated from this existence that we do not choose.

The quality of life and mind are poor when human life is not more important than money, and since we are kids we learn that we cannot live without money. And that sums up our capitalist system where life equals money. The worst part is that we believe this structure is like our god, that we could not generate a different one, more evolved system, where life is not equated with money, or where the foundations of a system are not based on money.

However, these thoughts, sounds so utopian and unreal. We are limited to believe that we are not able to create better life conditions and rights, to generate more awareness, well-being and quality of life. When I see that more evolved countries criticize India so much for the conditions of its inhabitants. However, in advanced countries human life has no value in the face of the development of a company and that is equivalent to the same living conditions as in India

In short, all of us always perceive things, every day, from everywhere, and those are subliminal ideas of money, possessions, domains, interests, of a capitalist system, which over time, makes our mind so small and inferior until forget the highest thoughts. And in an inferior, not evolved world, the qualities of life are also stupid and poor, and our mind too. Therefore the poor quality of the mind affects the psyche, the psychology of man. Then this competitive and giant capitalism, which sells us the illusion, that life is money, or does not give us another option, other than: To live, we need money. This is how it controls us and limits us.

Then, with time, years and centuries, we will be converted, metamorphosed into monsters, creating a cold, crude and dark world.

In a certain way, are we controlled by this system or this system created by us, is it out of our control?


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