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Click ! When the man woke up...

After many years in the office, now with his 63 years old, he was crying on his last day of work, his retirement.

_ Why are you crying? - she asked _ You should be happy for this moment.

_ I always wanted to finish this job and be free to do anything, after 40 years inside this office, now I don't know what I'm going to do without coming here.

She hugged him laughing

He said _ you are still young within this company, you probably do not understand me, but I have spent so much time inside these walls, inside this building, while watching, through my window, the children playing in the park or teenagers on bicycles and I always said to myself: I am so tired of being here, my whole life has gone inside these walls. I don't have so many memories, all my memories are here and I can't go back to the past...

Now, with my 63 years, I am free to go to the park at any time, but I don't know what to do with my free time. I am old and always lived within this routine, from 8 am to 8 pm every day, I have no other life. I am old and tired.

I cannot return to the past, but what I can advise you is that nobody cares about your time or your life in this capitalist system that only absorbs our existence within the walls of a company, such as a prison. And I asked myself millions of times: why? Why does this system treat us like slaves? Why have we created this type of system for our life?... _ and he began to cry like a little boy

She hugged him again and then he wiped his tears with his hands saying _

They teach us to be afraid of being free, to worry only about our money. I spent so many years just thinking about money, my business, my progress, my fame, so much that I didn't realize how my years were evaporating inside this office, and how I was forgetting my family, the most important of my life

Now, I can't go back, I feel so miserable for my life, but this system consumes us with so much work and teaches us nothing about life. We believe we have money and we are free, but this is how this world blinds us

I'm crying a lot, because I can't go back in time. I have money, a huge and comfortable house, a wife and children with whom I could not spend so much time. I spent more time inside this company than with my family. All for the money and work. In addition, I had one month per year of free life and memories. That should be enough for this system but not for the human being. We are forgetting humanity and life. We are not building a world to enjoy life, we are building a world to be slaves, who after many hours in their work cannot think of anything other than their work. Then we feel so stressed and vulnerable, that we begin to forget and then, when we are so immersed in this kind of moments and weak in the same absorbing and routine circle, we can no longer realize the essentials of life.

The young employer looked at his wise eyes, and didn't know what to say.

_ "Now you are free, Sir," _ she said, _ "and she felt she was talking to a prisoner instead of her former boss."

Then she said_ Now, I will be the next prisoner in this company, and I would love to be in your place right now. So please, Sir, don't make me cry, go to the park of your dreams and feel free.

He gave the last hug with a face full of wrinkles and tears, he said- I will be like a child again, I return to my childhood. I am free, beyond that my mind is no longer young and that my golden years have been stolen by this company, within these walls, and that's... That will be forever the meaning of Life...

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