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Intention Gum

_ “ I’m a bit hurry know, but I need to tell you a secret… This is very difficult to me to say it to you, but you are the only one in who I can trust. I’m totally desperate, and I can’t hold anymore these words”_ She was texting these in her mobile phone to Alex.

_ Uhhh_ said, Alex_ What the fuck happen with u?

_ Do you remember the night that you invite me to the castle party?

_ Ohh!! Yeah!, crazy party

And yes, that was a happy night also for Leticia, full of psychedelic drugs, trance music, and customs all over that magical and antique castle. She remembered, how huge is it, four flours, and all the rooms and halls, with red and violets carpets, curtains and lights too. Lots of punk and dark people, around there, all drunks and .... Crazy night, it was full of fun. Everyone was rare, the same as what happened to her that night.

_ So what? _ said Alex with the strange faces emotions

_ When I went home, I listened a phone called . They were talking about me, and they were saying something like… _ And Leticia stop, she didn’t know if she could trust in Alex. He is her gay friend since years ago, but he usually feign for fair of what society are going to think about him, so a bit false, sometimes and that doesn’t make him very reliable. So, she stop writing, remembering, those days, where Alex was only like a false person, or someone who can easily change of mind and betray. However, she never had problems with he, so, in her innocence and cruel need to trust in someone, she supposed that he will not be like that with she but yes with the others.

_ Like what Leticia???... What the fuck? … _ And he called her, but she didn’t answer

_ Are you there, crazyy?? … Answerrr!!

_ Yes,

_ So, why are you texting me at this hours?… Finish what you were saying!!… LETICIA

_ Okay, it’s not easy… They were saying that I’m a clone

He stop for a second, amazed and then answered_ Hahahaha!! Are you kidding me? You are so drug Leticia, stop a bit with the LCD

_ What the fuck, Alex? You don’t believe me

_ Nope… What? You can proof that you are a clone… hahahaha…

_ Stupid… Fuck you!! _ and she closed her phone

After chatting with her friend, she went to the shop:

-Intention gums, please

-in a box or. Individuals?

_ the box, thanks.

Then suddenly, appeared another friend from the town,

_ Hey Leticia, what’s up crazy girl?_ and he gives her a hug

_ Mmm, not so cool, bro, buying some intentions.

_ Oh, yeah! I need also_ so he looks to the shop assistant- please the fuchsia ones.

_ The fuchsia? _ said Leticia with an expression of nausea _ ggguuggg

_ These ones are the best. The action is stronger and fast.

_ Nope nope, I still prefer the fluorescence

_ Cool! Let’s go to somewhere.

While they were walking until a park, Leticia said_ I still don’t know why we need so much of these intentions, do you?

_ Well, my grandma used to said that those ones were the power of the indigenous people, the power to do what you wanted.

_ Yes, but they didn’t buy it

_ Hahh, Leticia... that’s the luck and advance of our generation.

_ Yeah , do you think it’s luck? Cool bro!! You are so optimistic. And, we are so advance that we could go to a virtual walk. However, we still prefer the real world.

_ Oh yeah! Absolutely

_ So, why this fucking gum !!

He changed his face, a bit annoyed with her words, take her arm and his face began to transform like an angry tiger _ Look Leticia, don’t come to me with that shit, I don’t care anything, just live it, enjoy it. Enjoy this present! And shut up!

And, yes the gum intentions were doing effects, his face had a kind of metamorphosis. For a moment Leticia was a bit scare about the control of himself...

-_ Cool Don’t go to the other side, bro!

And he laughs a lot - what!! With this gums? Ay, ay,.... Leticia, Leticia.... _ he moved his face and made some expressions like saying “she is so innocent”.

Then, while they were walking and discussing about their points of view, she remembered about what happened the other night.

_ I was going to tell you something

_ Ah, yes... Alex told me that you had a strange conversation with him

_ Do you believe in clones? _ she whispered

_ Hahahhha_ he laughs a lot _ that’s not to believe or not, that’s science… a fact.

_ Have you ever seen a clone?

_ Well, Leticia, I was going to tell you that you are pretty similar to a clone_ and he laughed a lot_ hahaha, yes but I’ve seen some of those in movies_ and he laughs a lot again.

_ Fuck you!! - and she went

_ Ehhhh, come on - he shout while doing expressions with his hand for her to come back- hey!! I’m joking

And she shout lot of times - fuck you fuck you fuck you!! - it was like she was going to exploit...

And she left, she went in the opposite direction, her eyes were wet, with some drops coming, and going with her hand dryer.

She thought," fuck you Max, what can you understand?" , while her drops, were falling, sweets and softs. “No, this can’t be happening to me” she thought, can’t be true.

While she was walking fast and thinking, Max appears suddenly, and take her arms...

_ Ey ey ey, what is this? What happen to you?!- he said surprised to see her eyes with tears - why are you acting this way ?- and while he was asking he moved her arms like saying give me an answer of your strange behavior.

She couldn’t hide anymore and she jumped into his arms and give him a big hug. And while her face was in his chest and her mouth near his ears, she started telling him, whispering in his ears._ I don’t know with who speak about it, Max. I talked yesterday with Alex, but he thinks I’m with the effects of some drugs. I heard something horrible about me in a conversation through a phone.

_ How you know that was about you?

_ They said my name

_ And? That doesn’t means anything

She stayed in silence for some minutes thinking about what Max was telling her.

_ Look Max, this is what I heard _ and she put her lips in his ears again and started to tell him everything.

While, she was telling the secret, he laughed and laughed. Then he said to her

_ So, I’m talking with the Leticia clone_ and he laughs again and again _ so tell me Leticia clone, where is Leticia, the original?

_ You think I’m crazy_ and she looked at him seriously

_ Hahahhhh, Leticia _ and he looked to the sky_ Tell me, why you think they were talking about you? Do you feel different, do you feel something strange in your body, like you were another person? _and he put his eyes very near hers, like trying to look through her eyes.

_ No, I feel totally me, I have all my memories, but..._ and she stayed in silence thinking

_ But, what? _ and he put a bit impatient when she was in silence

_ I feel a bit silly

_ Hahahaha_ and he started to laugh a lot _ only now? , hahahah, you've been always a bit silly Leticia.

_ Stupid_ she said and they started to play with the hands, pushing each other. After that he hugged Leticia

_ Perhaps is psychologic Leti.... You can’t believe everything what you hear

_ Yes, but I listened from my father_

_ Okay, let me think a bit about it _ and he looked at her, with another eyes, eyes who comes from a friend since childhood, he was so in love of her. He thought he was a lucky man for ever met her, she is so sweet.

While he was looking her, he wanted to kiss her now...

_ So...., are you having an orgasm thinking? _ she said while laughing a lot

He got closed to her and gave her a warm hug. And while he was hugging her, he whispered some friendly words _ Leti, perhaps you don’t feel very good, and you listened wrong, or could be that they were talking about another Leticia. _ he looked at her and said_ think about it, Leti.... how you grow, if you are a clone?

_ Max !!!... - she shout at him with anger _ you know, clones grow fast until the cell age, the age is in the cell information.

_ well, if you were her clone, or your clone or... _ and he looked at the sky thinking _ I’m a bit confused now. who had clone you?_ And he looked at her eyes _ where is Leticia ?_ he said_ Who paid for such a huge amount? To whom? . Because, you know that although we are in 2030, the clones are still banned.

_ well, but people do it anyway, like having drugs.

_ Mmm, but tell me , when do you think that could happened?

_ I told you, I think was that night, because I don’t remember quite well what happened ... the only thing I remember is that I was very drugged and I wanted to kill myself, to jump through the window.

Max thought that the most surprised thing is that she was so strong saying all of that, he hugged her again and again.

_ Leti, probably, then you went to sleep, and if you don't remember it could be because you were so drunk. Please I beg you don’t think such crazy thoughts.

_ Don’t know Max_ she looked at his eyes for a long time and Max as well

_ what you don’t know?

_ I think, I killed myself that night, and then someone cloned me, before dying.

Max felt that some tears where going to appears in his eyes. He tried to hide a bit his love to her. He looked to another side, and he took out his electronic cigarette.

Then he stayed looking the sky, for a while and thinking and about it. Then he looked to the floor and said to her

_ Leticia, to clone someone is very expensive, and I really don’t know from where your parents could take all that money. I think that it’s true what Alex said, you were drugged, you must been hallucinating.

He again looked to other side, and then sit in stone, he took out his gum intentions and said with a sarcastic voice: "This is funny... I'm talking with Leticia clone.... Hello clone" _ and he did some jokes with his hands

_ That's not funny _ she said similing

_ Did you talk with your father about what you listen?

_ Yes... but what he is going to tell me? Not the true, the same that you said to me, that he was talking about another Leticia

_ See, see !! I told you !! _ and he started to laugh again _ and what he said about the clones

_ He said that is a friend of a doctor with who he was talking, and that she was going to clone her ovaries.

_ that sounds more real, than yours story

_ Yes, but you now that nowadays there are many clones around

_ Hahahaa! Fuck you Leticia! That doesn’t mean that you are a clone.

So, she shut up and without saying any word, she left the place.

He went running until her,

_ Hey hey, come here Leti... _. He said to her in a very sweet way. So she went until he

_ what?_ she said

_ come more near

She came a bit nearest and he pushed her until him, and they stayed closed touching each chest together. He pushed her more near until feel his penis in her hips.

_ Do you like to feel it?_ he said

She moved her head like saying yes. They stayed like that without moving and looking each others into the eyes. He started to move his hands in her back softly .

She said_. Max suck my tits

And there in the middle of the park where they were he took out her tit and began to suck it doing circles with his tongue. He took her hands and put them in his penis , and she begun doing circles too.

After continuing playing like that, they parted. He gave her a big hug, and before leaving he said

_ Leti, please, forget about it. Don’t think in that. Take care friend_ and he went.

She felt the sensation that probably he was right and that was a mistake what she thought. So, she went happy to her place. While, she was in her way, she took her phone and text him.

_ Hey, Max. Love you bro!_ she said

When Max read the message , he looked it , and contemplate all the words, one by one.

“Am I a bro? Am I a bro for her? “_ he asked to himself. Then he closed the cellphone without answering, and looked to his friend in front of him.

_ could you talk with her?

_ yeah Alex. I told you that I would go and convince her.

_ did she believe you?

_ it was a bit difficult, but yes .

Max looked to the window while preparing some coffees in the kitchen _ And tell me what happened with his father. Is he more calm now?

_ well, after he spoke with Leticia, he called me desperate and told me about the conversation, and asked me if I could have some words with her. I think he was a bit scared if she does something crazy like commit suicide .... _ While saying that, Alex went next to Max and touched his as, with a pat, and smiled _ Probably he didn’t want to take the risk. So I texted her and I didn’t know how to convince her, she was pretty sure about it. I’m happy that you could speak with her...

_ well, she was still duding as nowadays are so many clones around.

_ What!? ... Do you mean, cows clones?

_ Well, yes all the cows cloned, besides is still a problem.

Max took again his cigarette and said to his friend _ you know what’s the meaning of cloning, aren’t you?

_ What you mean?- he looked seriously to his eyes.

_ Cloning is what our alchemist ancestors thousands of years before were trying to find ... the formula for immortality, but they never thought that everything was inside us, only with one of our thousands cells.

Max took his gum intentions _ do you want one?

_ oh ,yes! fuchsia... I love it like your penis

Max smiled and asked_ Do you want gum or my milk in your mouth?

Alex approached Max to grab a chewing gum and when he was close, he touched Max penis

_ do u like it?_ he asked_ Tell me now, Max... who do you love more, me or Leticia? _ and he continued touching him

Max smiled with sarcasm and felt a bit of repugnance to his friend after all that happened to Leticia . He felt so much repugnance that he opened his trousers and in a sarcastic way he showed to his friend his penis and said_ yes, Alex, I’ll love you, but first do one thing... drink my milk _ And he took Alex's head with his hands and pushed close to his penis ....

_ Oh yes Alex, like that , and I’ll love you...

.... After the milk drink.... Max closed his trousers like a rude man and gave a soft caress to Alex _ Thanks _ he said and he sat his ass in the chair and drank his coffee.

Alex was with some semen in his mouth and he went near Max playing with his mouth. He wanted to kiss Max and get his mouth dirty.

_ Get out of here _ Max shout _ I need to smoke _ and he took his electronic cigarette...

After a while, Alex, in front of Max, drinking his coffee, he asked _ Why Leticia is always your favorite?

_ Well, _ he said with an ironic voice _ because she is immortal _ and he began to laugh and laugh

_ You always give me jealousy

_ And ?...

_Tell me the truth Max:... Did you speak with her about what happened that night?...

_ well, Alex I should tell you that for a moment yes I was going to tell her all the true, that yes , she is a clone.

_ No ! you are so crazy!... She is not going to tolerate that kind of thing probably she would commit suicide again...

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