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Improvisation-Poetry Competition

Improvisation Poetry Competition / In India, Mumbai, venue : "The Habitat" / 2018

In this event, the poets received a topic for the poem, (choosing a card) and the topic also it has to be the beginning of the poem, and also the poet had to take another card which is the emotion of the poem, (a sad poem, an angry poem / no matters the topic). Then with all of that the poets had 15 to 20 minutes to create the poem.

My topic and beginning : " Come as you are, as you were, as I..." Emotion: Angry

“ Come as you are, as you were, as I , as we are... It doesn’t matter your mask. Hide your attitude and you would forget life as, what could mean life if you are occulting your ways of being...? Your heart, your emotions.

Being afraid of who you are for thousands of complex constructed by this society. This system, structuring us, is making to forget us to live.... And what could mean life, if we are what society pretend of us...

So, come as you are, as you were, as I, as we are... because that is the only essential for discover the real meaning of your existence... For enjoy your moments, for explore your limits and break it... and go more through those... Come as you are , because that is the only way to give sense to your life... It doesn’t matter your political position, your religion, your philosophy of life... If you come as you are nothing would be more perfect than that... Don’t be scary,

everybody has complex, dudes, confusions... But, ....

don’t forget that time continue and then, when we are old, we continuous dreaming for all this system that condense and tense ourselves and what we are... So, this is your time, come as you are... don’t forget about yourself... Keep feeding, Destroy your limits, and if is scary... that is what bring us again to life what make us feel alive... So, keep moving continue through this difficulties ways that limit us, like a monster trying to posses us... But nothing is stronger in life, than being what you are, than being absolutely you... So, tell to yourself all the time: This is me... This is what I am, what I have to bring to this world ...This is what I need to encourage to myself... And , if you don’t like it... Well,....

Fuck you!!! "

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