• Yanin Lorey


I don’t know if I’m doing good sharing this story of what happened to me one time ago. There are stories that can mark people forever, like reading a magical ritual. All happened one night in a hidden forest. I was with him. You don’t know how I loved that man until the universe. He was so bright and bohemian. Always laughing and playing like a child. His wise words were “Nothing matters, only to live now, in this Present” and he lived fully, without worries, jumping cheerfully in his path, always coming with a big smile... uauhh, how I loved this man, his crazy ways, and his spontaneity to hug all the time... That night we were running naked until the Love Lake, and we used to tickle each other in a mad way.

It happened that while we were playing in the lake, alone under the brilliants stars. I was all fire and my hands too...I used to dance with my fingers all over his body, while singing , or to play with his belly like drums. But, that night, I couldn’t stop my hands that wanted to fondle him until the infinity, like the dance of a lion. Like the light of the moon only illuminating him. Like a live orgasm... I was water kissing his mouth, fire in his arms, air with his fresh freedom breeze, and pure land when touching his body. All the elements blooming during the ecstasy.

After my sweetness in slow motion, he began to move in a strange way. As if he were having an ejaculation, and it was like he were dying of love and pleasure. I thought, “he is joking”. and I started tickling him. Suddenly his eyes were different, the same as his body, and he wasn’t anymore a man, he was converted in a huge turtle. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing, I thought I was under the effect of the magic mushrooms, so I began to laugh, thinking that I was looking his interior _ Uhhh, his soul is like a turtle _ I thought, and I laughed of my simple thought . I stayed contemplating the turtle, all the night, under the luminous moon. He was quiet like a turtle, of course, and he could swim gently. “I’m inside him”_ I thought _ How’s possible?, I can’t see him ... or , yes I can see him. I can see his soul. So, I began to play with his turtle soul, and I touched softly his eyes and I gave sweet kisses in his cheeks , and... can you believe it ? I kissed the turtle’s mouth, it was a long passionate kiss to the most rough lips. Then I put my hands in his giant shell and we went swimming by the lake. After a long time looking at the turtle, it began to be a bit annoying... _"Where is he ?" _ I asked to the turtle, looking at his eyes..._ I beg you, tell me , give me a sign _ but there was no answer. The turtle was so real, that I started to believe that he left me with his turtle. What?!!... I’m not a turtle... Am I? _ This question was quite stupid. After it, I began to look at myself, and so incredibly I was a woman naked with a huge turtle next to me.

Everything was so strange. "What?, I have to wait until the magic effect finish !"_ That’s ridiculous , I thought. So I gave up. I carried the turtle and put it in my car and went home to sleep with... with... with the turtle.

... I wanted to see he again, I was wishing that with all my heart... _ I want to see my sun _ I shouted, while I was placing the turtle on the bed I looked at his eyes and said _ I’m gonna to wake up tomorrow and I will see my love. Then I did some jokes with my face in front of the turtle and I fell asleep. And guess what happened? I woke up during the sunny morning and without opening my eyes, I stretched out my hands and caressed the body next to me. I felt his naked skin, bright and soft beside me... Yes, I was happy , he was by my side. My heart opened like a path of psychedelic flowers. I couldn't yet opened my eyes, I still wanted to feel his nature, the atmosphere of his fertile land, his wet and labyrinthic roots... While smiling for last night craziness, I opened my eyes and still the giant turtle was next to me.

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