• This awesome documentary about evolution in humans


This great documentary, from 2013 by Godfrey Reggio the author of the trilogy Qatsy, is all with images and music, the same as his anterior documentaries. Also,it's in black and white,but the excellent about it,is that Godfrey try to transmit in a incredible way, what is trying to say, in silence, with Visitors. Seems a bit subliminal, indirect,and open to many ideas, reflections, without any word, but so suggestive with the different perspectives in the eye of the camera. For example how he focus in a close-up the huge buildings, as the dominants of the world.

In this short video he explain a bit about it,an how he is trying to explain the meaning of TECHNOLOGY, and the advance of it,in our modern world, with his famous scene, showing different faces as it were through the time. How the human faces and expressions changes, from the gorillas to a human face so similar to a humanoid or cyborg

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