• the Great Jodorowsky, wth this symbolic movie


This Chilean filmmaker, is probably one of the last film authors, that still alive and making artistic movies, not for the industry of commercial movies. Perhaps, one of the lasts, authors, with great images/photographies, those ones that you can't see easily nowadays, but he transgress all the rules, no matter if the movie will sell or not. that the risk, and here is, a movie that not all the people can know, not popular, perhaps only for those minds, searching for discover something unusual. This Chilean director, so fabulous. His movie from around 1970, breaks all parameters, with glamorous and psychedelic design of costumes and scenography, but the most beautiful about it is that is not only incredible images, it's also has a mystic philosophy of life, of all what is sacred, with wise words and dialogues that speaks about everything in the world, beliefs, our self, mysteries, sacred mountains of life. So symbolic and intense. Really a jewel, that you must watch it.

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