• The Savage Planet by Rene Laloux

The Savage Planet

The Savage Planet by Rene Laloux, one of the best artistic and animated drawings of science fiction from the year 1973. Nevertheless, the most interesting is that the movie was based in one of the best french authors of science fiction, "Stefan Wul". He publish the book in 1957, with the name "Oms en serie". To find one of this books,is so difficult and the costs could be around $1,000 - $3,000.

It seems that is so expensive and difficult to find it, because the book industry and the world, has forgotten this incredible writter. I've been this year in Paris, and when I though in buy something particular from France, like some french music or adorns, I remembered this awesome and authentic author, but what happened, to me, was incredible. I went to four of the most important and bigger bookstores, and when I ask about this french author, no one knew about him, neither his book. They told me about others science fictions books and writters for buy it but, those were not from france. So, I couldn't find his book, and also I went so suprised about how this beautiful part of their culture and literature is so unknown, that I couldn't find it, in the most touristic city of France.

However, Rene Laloux, couldn't forget this amazing author. I choose this part of the movie, because in this fantastic science fiction genre, Stefan was like a futuristic visionary, and in his book he invented a kind of technological device that transmit information to the brain, through a type of internet, with images and audio. Really amazing as in those times there weren't existing neither the computer.


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