The Language

of Nature


(New Zealand Rocks and Land)

     All natural process leaves a mark in the earth and that is the treasure of New Zealand: The volcanic rocks and the rustic and savage land.  

    In a volcanic land like New Zealand, the rocks can never be common, they are the most incredible, and precious thing in the earth. The history engraved on those rocks are incredibly wonderful, really amazing. It’s the language of the land, of nature, telling the story of their lives, of the whole process they have gone through, with splendid colors and forms, like the most beautiful  picture, the picture of the experience, without the necessity of any draw, only the hand of nature that leaves the most perfect picture  with the marks of forces and erosion, with precious colors and crystallization.

    Inspired by these lands, I have been taking photos around New Zealand, from 2015 until now, and discovering this amazing treasure from the volcanic earth. While I was taking the photos, I tried to focus the lens very near the rock for have the vision of the impressions, of all the inscriptions of the earth. The history of all the volcanic process or around the sea, sand and forests. Those process are inscribed, engraved in the rocks with beautiful colors and forms imitating the sand, in some of those, and similar to the lava in another, such as it were the fire impressed in the rocks, with wonderful colors, yellows and orange.

    It’s the language and history of the rocks, and how they were changing through the natural process, with the wind coming from the force of the sea, or the strong sea bathing all the time the rocks, with sand, snails, clams, and the sun that warm those rocks and permit the crystallization. Also, the hot earth that have New Zealand in some areas, as well as the lot of wet land, metamorphoses the rocks with green colors, blue, orange, and in some cases, pink. Some others have the colors of the tree trunks, and that is the influence of nature that metamorphoses the rocks. It’s the history of the earth which in a beautiful way is impressed in this marvelous rocks.



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