Yanin  Lorey

 Yanin Lorey.

A poet of fantastic worlds, and conceptual art

Yanin Lorey, from Argentina, studied Filmography, Literature/Philosophy, Social Psychology, Yoga, Primary School Teacher and a Post-graduation as a Spanish teacher. While doing her studies, she began to exhibit, in 2005, her writings, of poetry and aphorisms, with fantastic drawings and illustrations, through slide projections in the experimental, psychedelic and underground environments, in electronic music discotheques and in independent art and poetry festivals. She wrote several handmade and independent books, sold at book fairs and in exotic bookstores in Buenos Aires.

Fo some years, she took part of the independent group of poets of Buenos Aires "La FLIA", that managed independent book fairs in cultural -art centers of Buenos Aires with readings, art and music. Also, she published in several underground magazines and participated in several art and literature events. She exhibited her illustrations with poetry at events organized by the FLIA, and was selected to exhibit her fantastic illustrations and photographs in cultural bars of Buenos Aires and at the Festival of Art in Santa Fe, 2013

She participated in the 2015 International Slam Festival, in Auckland New Zealand, with the performance of two poems, which translated them into English. During 2016, she began to make a radio poetry show in Auckland, called “Moon Poetry”, with interviews to poets from New Zealand and with poetry and music reading, on the prestigious radio, FM Planet, of the University “UNITEC " Then she was selected and subsidized, to participate in the National Poetry Day Festival in Auckland, 2016, with the radio-poetry show "Moon Poetry".

     In 2017, she took part of the International Poetry Festival in Austin Texas, with her readings at the Austin Public Library “Recycle Reads” and in “Woman-Book”.

In 2018, she participated in an outdoor art festival  managed by the Mt Elleville Gallery and cultural center in Auckland, New Zealand, exposing her fantastic illustrations with aphorisms and poetry.

     In addition to participating in several poetry events in Argentina, New Zealand, Scotland and in India. In 2018, she was selected twice with two video-poems with her poem "Existence" and "Present", to be part of the International Video-Poetry Festival in, Athens, Greece. Lastly, in 2019, she was selected by the International Bad video-art, the Bizarre festival of Russia, with her short video: “They do not satisfied”